SPTCorr v.2.2 – SPT correlation software

SPTCorr_dvdSPTCorr is a simple software for estimating various soil properties from the Standard Penetration Test blow count. SPT is a widely and most frequently used in-situ test for geotechnical exploration. It is useful in a wide variety of soils, from weak clays and loose sands to dense sands and hard clays.

Main Characteristics

  • Calculations for corrected SPT blow count N60and N1,60
  • Relative density, Dr
  • Friction angle, phi
  • Modulus of Elasticity, Es
  • Undrained strength, Su
  • Settlement estimation for non-cohesive soils
  • Bearing capacity estimation for non-cohesive soils
  • Settlement estimation for pile groups on non-cohesive soils
  • Summary report of all correlations


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You may freely download a 30 days trial version of SPTCorr by clicking the download button below. The trial version becomes full working version after entering the registration data, so this is the only file you need to download. Before you begin the download you must read and agree with the License Agreement. You can order SPTCorr over the Internet from ShareIt! company with any major credit card. The ordering page is on a secure server, ensuring that your confidential information remains confidential. As soon as your request has been validated you will receive your registration key by email so that you can unlock the software immediately after your purchase (provided that you entered a valid Registration Name and HardwareID).
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SPTCorr v.2.2 29 €

Please contact us if you need a site license or educational institution license.

SPTCorr is also included in the following bundles:

You may download the trial version in a simple compressed file from here or download a simple installer here. If you choose to download the zip compressed file please make sure you decompress all files in any directory you wish, before running the software.
  • SPTCorr has been tested on IBM compatible machines using Windows® 2000 and Windows® XP operating system.
  • SPTCorr uses about 2.0 MB of disk space
For more details on how to use the software, you may read the online manual of SPTCorr.