SPTCorr v.2.2 – SPT correlation software

SPTCorr_dvdSPTCorr is a simple software for estimating various soil properties from the Standard Penetration Test blow count. SPT is a widely and most frequently used in-situ test for geotechnical exploration. It is useful in a wide variety of soils, from weak clays and loose sands to dense sands and hard clays.

Main Characteristics

  • Calculations for corrected SPT blow count N60 and N1,60
  • Relative density, Dr
  • Friction angle, phi
  • Modulus of Elasticity, Es
  • Undrained strength, Su
  • Settlement estimation for non-cohesive soils
  • Bearing capacity estimation for non-cohesive soils
  • Settlement estimation for pile groups on non-cohesive soils
  • Summary report of all correlations